The TecnoCampus technological park and university were inaugurated on the 3rd November 2010. In a decade, we have served 5,362 entrepreneurs, contributed to the creation of 804 companies and reached 3,688 undergraduate, postgraduate and master’s degree students enrolled in the three university colleges affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University.

We invite you to know our history and our future:

years of continuous growth

in both the university and business fields.

million euros of investmen in buildings

A real commitment by Mataró City Council for economic and social growth.

in benefit to society of each euro invested

… according to a 2016 study by professors JM Raya and Roberto Dopeso, every euro invested in the TecnoCampus generates a benefit to society of 4.68 euros (evaluation of job creation, production, added value, expenditure, social impact, etc. etc. ).

University-company chairs

Launch of three university-company chairs: health and ageing; circular economy; and social economy.



The number of students has practically tripled

The number of students has practically tripled, from 1,270 in the 2010-2011 academic year to 3,688 in the 2019-2020 academic year (there are 3,494 undergraduate + 194 master's and postgraduate students).


Choice of degrees

The choice of degrees has gone from 7 to 17 degrees in these 10 years

Studies with a professional approach

Professionalisation has guided the implementation of new degrees and the conversion of existing ones. A clear example is the degree in Logistics, a pioneer throughout the state, and with great potential for growth (COVID-19 economy).


Betting on double degrees

The university has been betting on double degrees since 2014, a time when they were not common.


Master's and postgraduate degrees

Master's and postgraduate degrees were practically non-existent in 2010 and we now offer 4 official university master's degrees and 12 tailor-made postgraduate and master's degree.

School of Health Science

The School of Health Science, which is one of the three centres affiliated to the Pompeu Fabra University alongside the School of Engineering and Science and the School of Business and Social Science, was put into operation with the inauguration of the park, in 2010.

Expansion of the university facilities

In 2016, the university facilities were expanded with a new building (TCM6) to cope with growing demand.


Good enrolment figures for the 2020-2021

Good enrolment figures for new students on degrees for the 2020-2021 academic year, with 857 new undergraduate students, in a difficult context with online adaptation of all teaching forced upon us by COVID-19.

Business and entrepreneurship

Parc occupation

The park is at full capacity. From 60 companies at the time of the inauguration of the park to the current 121.

Success stories

They are big companies, job creators and with a huge growth potential


Crowdfunding in which the whole process of creating companies is completed, from an initial advisory role to installation in the incubator and, later, into a space within TCM2.

Minoryx Therapeutics

A biotech company based in TCM2 that has grown steadily (started in TCM2) and has a view towards innovation, internationalisation and expansion.


Bytemaster (logistics systems management)


Everis (consulting)

Sector-specific programs

The connection with the business world is also reflected in specific programs launched for textiles (Reimagine Textile), for continuity in businesses without direction (Reempresa) and advice on internationalisation (Go Global).

5,362 entrepreneurs supported in 10 years

804 companies created in 10 years

84 companies incubated in 10 years

With a very positive survival data: 2 out of 3 continue in the market.

Strategic Plan 2022


Document presented in May 2017

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